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4+1Categorized Major Insurance

1. Insurance to secure your property ▶


Secure your home, your household goods, your car, your company building, equipment / fixtures / equipment, goods, raw materials, products, etc.

2. Liability insurance to compensate for damage to others’ body or property ▶


ex)  a pedestrian hits a car, two bicycles collide and others are injured, hit a parked vehicle, a car damages someone’s house, etc.


3. Insurance to protect your health ▶


Insurance in state of injury, illness, death, disability, and long-term care conditions.

4. Insurance for lost earnings due to disaster ▶


5. ※ Insurance that compensates for other various expenses related with the above four ▶


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Total Assist Business Insurance

Insurance to protect the property, indemnity, profit, and body of the corporate without any leakage or duplication.

Total Assist Personal Insurance

Insurance to protect personal property, liability, physical and mental health without any leaks or duplication.

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