3. Insurance to protect your health


Injury Flat-rate (compensation for injuries)

In case of death or disability due to injury

In case of hospitalized or undergo surgery due to injury

In case of commuting to the hospital after an injury

In case of Injured and required medical treatment


Life insurance (coverage for illness and injury)

Hospitalization, surgery, radiotherapy, and hospital visits for illness or injury

Securing unlimited days of hospitalization payment for three major diseases

In case of hospitalized for a specified disease or undergoing breast reconstruction surgery

In case of receiving treatment for a prescribed disease or receiving advanced medical treatment, etc.

In case of having an injury such as a broken bone

In case of diagnosed with cancer

In case of undergone prescribed surgery, radiotherapy, anticancer drug treatment, or palliative treatment for cancer pain due to cancer

In case of receiving prescribed advanced medical treatment or Non Public Covered Treatment for cancer

In case of diagnosed with cancer (only the diagnosis benefit is secured)


Income compensation (compensation for loss of income), Nursing care compensation (compensation for nursing care)

In case of being unable to work due to illness or injury

In case when a patient becomes in need of nursing care

In case when your parents need nursing care


Life insurance (coverage related to death, loss of income, and long-term care)

In case of emergency and for a lifetime of long-term care coverage

In case of compensating for monthly living expenses in case of emergency, etc

In case of ensuring that you have the coverage you need for the period of time you need it


Life insurance (coverage for sources of income)

In case when you want to secure monthly living expenses in case you are unable to work, etc.

In case when you want to prepare funds for your children's education while preparing for any eventuality


Life insurance (compensation for long-term care)

In case when a person becomes ill or injured and requires prescribed nursing care

In case when a diagnosis of dementia or mild cognitive impairment is confirmed due to illness or injury


Automobile insurance (personal accident and hospitalization assistance)

In case of injured in an accident while riding in your car

In case of hospitalized for more than 3 days after an accident in your car


Insurance to Protect Your Health

Non-statutory compensation for employees

For Customers Considering Insurance

Personal Custommer (Total Assist Personal Insurance)

Corporate Customer(Total Assist Business Insurance)

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This is an overview of Super Business Insurance (comprehensive insurance for business activities). Details depend on the policy conditions, but if you have any questions, please contact your agent or Tokio Marine & Nichido. When making a contract, please be sure to check the policy clauses and the explanation of important matters to confirm what you need to confirm at the time of contracting procedures and in case of non-payment of insurance benefits.