Buddy+  Management Support Solutions

Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. offers useful solutions to various management challenges.

A digital network has been created to provide sutra-work for various management issues arising from challenges together with professionals in various fields.

Financing Measures

known the amount of money you receive immediately

Grants and Subsidies
Easy Free Diagnosis

Productivity Improvement

fee based 
Professional human resources
support in the form of outsourcing

Human Resource Securing
and Training

Efficiently develop human resources
Learn anytime

e-Learning Library

Labor and Work

with insurance  
good working environment

Health Management Support
Packaged Services

Business Succession

Comprehensive M&A support platform

Batons Matching

Natural Disasters and Business Continuity

with insurance  
World-class Disaster Recovery Specialists
Supporting Early Business Recovery


Overseas Expansion

Companies wishing to expand overseas Backup

Overseas Expansion Support Services


What is GX?
Where do I start?

GX First Time Guide

Speedy provision of useful information for management

Seasonal information on management, announcements of seminars, services that can be used in everyday life, insurance coverage, etc.
We will send you useful information by e-mail.


We will provide information promptly even when an immediate response is required, such as in the event of a disaster.