Total Assist Personal Insurance

Total Assist Personal Insurance” is a new form of insurance that combines necessary coverage into a single policy.


With Total Assist Personal Insurance, you can recognize the totality of risks surrounding your life and combine the coverage you need according to your risk.


Total Assist Personal Insurance protects you and your family from the risks that surround you.

We design insurance policies according to what our clients “want to be prepared for”.


Housing Compensation

In the event of a fire, lightning strike, or explosion

In case of wind disaster, hail edge, or snow disaster

In case of water damage

Theft, water damage, etc.
In the event of water damage due to theft or accidental damage to water supply and drainage equipmen

Damage, etc.
In the event of accidental damage other than those listed on the left

Damage from a similar fire
In case when a fire breaks out in your home and your neighbor's house burns down

Housing Choice Assist
Taking to prevent recurrence of fire, lightning, explosion, or theft accidents


Earthquake Compensation

In the event of fire, damage, burial, or loss of property caused by an earthquake, eruption, or tsunami

Additional earthquake insurance coverage
Increased coverage for damage to buildings and household goods caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or tsunamis resulting from these events


Automobile Compensation

Bodily Injury Liability
In case of injured to others

Liability for Property Damage
In case of breaking something belonged to someone else


Compensation for Yourself

Personal Injury
In case of injured in an accident while riding in your car

Assistance for hospitalization
In case of hospitalized for more than 3 days after an accident in your car


Compensation for Your Vehicle

Single Vehicle Accident
In case of damaging a car by an accident such as failure to park in a garage

Collision or Scratch with other Vehicles
In case when your cars collide with each other

Fire, typhoon, theft, etc.
In case of damaging a car by fire, typhoon, theft, etc.


Other Compensation

Assistance with Rental Car and other Expenses
In case when rental car expenses or other expenses are required due to accident, breakdown, or theft

Earthquake, Eruption, Tsunami
In case of totally damaging a car by an earthquake, eruption or tsunam

Drive Agent Personal(DAP)
In case of receiving services using a drive recorde

Driving other's car
In case of damaged a temporarily rented ca

Family Bikes
n case of an accident with a motorized bicycle

Personal Carryings in the Car
In case of damaging a daily necessities or carryings in your car


Compensation for Personal Carryings

In case of damaging to household goods carried


Compensation for Liability

Personal Liability
n case when you injure someone else or break someone else's property in your daily life, or when you break or steal something you are borrowing

Tenant Liability and Repair Expenses
n case of destroyed a rented house by fire


Other Compensation

Attorney's fees and other expenses (daily life, automobile, personal rights)
In case when you are involved in an accident and request legal advice or negotiation with the other party by an attorney.

Rescuer fees, etc.
In case when a plane or ship goes missing, or when a family member rushes to the hospital after a long hospitalization due to injury

Hole-in-one, albatross fees, etc.
In case when a hole-in-one is achieved and expenses such as celebrations, etc. are covered


njury Periodic (compensation for injuries)

Injury death and disability

In case of death or disability due to injury

Injury hospitalization and surgery
In case of hospitalized or undergo surgery due to injury

Commuting Hospital for Injuries
In case of commuting to the hospital after an injury

Injury Assist
In case of Injured and required medical treatment


Income compensation (compensation for loss of income), Nursing care compensation (compensation for nursing care)

Income Compensation
In case of being unable to work due to illness or injury

Nursing Care Assist
In case when a patient becomes in need of nursing care

Support for Balancing Work and Nursing care
In case when your parents need nursing care


Life insurance (coverage related to death, loss of income, and long-term care

Death, Severe injury, Long-term Care
In case of emergency and for a lifetime of long-term care coverage

Death, Severe injury, and Loss of Employment
In case of compensating for monthly living expenses in case of emergency, etc

Death/Height Injury
In case of ensuring that you have the coverage you need for the period of time you need it


Life Insurance (coverage for illness and injury)

Hospitalization, Surgery, Radiation, Outpatient
Hospitalization, surgery, radiotherapy, and hospital visits for illness or injury

Unlimited Days of Hospitalization Payment for 3 Major Diseases
Securing unlimited days of hospitalization payment for three major diseases

Female Diseases
In case of hospitalized for a specified disease or undergoing breast reconstruction surgery

Specific Treatment and Advanced Medical Care
In case of receiving treatment for a prescribed disease or receiving advanced medical treatment, etc.

Specific Damage Lump-sum Payment
In case of having an injury such as a broken bone

Cancer Diagnosis
In case of diagnosed with cancer

Three Major Cancer Treatments (surgery, radiation, anticancer drugs) Palliative care
In case of undergone prescribed surgery, radiotherapy, anticancer drug treatment, or palliative treatment for cancer pain due to cancer

Advanced and Non Public Covered Treatment for Cancer
In case of receiving prescribed advanced medical treatment or Non Public Covered Treatment for cancer

Cancer Diagnosis
In case of diagnosed with cancer (only the diagnosis benefit is secured)


Life insurance (coverage for sources of income)

Unable to Work
In case when you want to secure monthly living expenses in case you are unable to work, etc.

Education Funds and Childcare Pensions
In case when you want to prepare funds for your children's education while preparing for any eventuality


Life insurance (compensation for long-term care)

Long-Term Care Pension, Lump-Sum Long-Term Care Payments
In case when a person becomes ill or injured and requires prescribed nursing care

Lump-sum Payment for Dementia
In case when a diagnosis of dementia or mild cognitive impairment is confirmed due to illness or injury

For Customers Considering Insurance

Personal Custommer (Total Assist Personal Insurance)

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