2. Liability Insurance to Compensate for damaged to others’ body or property


Liability Insurance

In case of injured to others

In case of breaking something belonged to someone else

In case of damaged a temporarily rented car

In case of destroyed a rented house by fire

In case of a fire in your home causes your neighbor's house to burn down

In case of an accident with a motorized bicycle

In case when you injure someone else or break someone else's property in your daily life, or when you break or steal something you are borrowing


Insurance to secure corporate assets

① Damage caused by fire, lightning, burst or explosion

②Damage caused by wind, hail or snow

③Damage due to water leakage caused by water supply and drainage facility accidents

④Damages due to disturbances, labor disputes, etc

⑤ Damage due to vehicle or aircraft collision, etc

⑥Damage due to collision of objects caused by outside the building, etc

⑦ Damage due to water damage

⑧ Damage due to theft

⑨ Damage due to electrical and mechanical accidents

⑩Damage due to other accidental breakage, etc.

⑪ Damage caused by earthquakes, eruptions, and tsunamis

For Customers Considering Insurance

Personal Custommer (Total Assist Personal Insurance)

Corporate Customer(Total Assist Business Insurance)

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This is an overview of Super Business Insurance (comprehensive insurance for business activities). Details depend on the policy conditions, but if you have any questions, please contact your agent or Tokio Marine & Nichido. When making a contract, please be sure to check the policy clauses and the explanation of important matters to confirm what you need to confirm at the time of contracting procedures and in case of non-payment of insurance benefits.